Having set up the first live stream at London Fashion Week in 2007, JWP have been at the forefront of livestream production. We film and livestream events from across the globe including Big Ideas Summit in Chicago, London and Zurich, Presentations at City Hall, launch events at Southwark cathedral and London, New York and Paris Fashion shows.

We work with single camera outputs streaming straight to Youtube, or multi-camera production with several crew and outside broadcast satellite vans for the best possible link to the internet.

Below are several options to consider when live-streaming. Option 1 is the simplest – 1 man crew streaming straight from one camera. Option 2 is a multi camera option which would require a live stream technician and vision mixer. Option 3 is with a presenter to camera for higher production values.

Option 1 – Single camera

The single camera option can be a good way of encoding raw ‘straight out of the box’ footage of an event when budgets are small and it really just to give a flavour of the event. Prices include cameraman with camera kit and encoder box with HDMI link straight to Youtube – Price: £750+travel

Option 2 – Multi camera with mixer and livestream technician

2 camera set ups with a mixing desk which allows playback of pre recorded videos and a livestream technician costs £2,500 + travel.

Option 3 – Multi camera and anchor/ presenter to link content

Working with multi camera and a presenter at an event is by far the best way to keep your viewers for a live stream. We recommend at least 2 camera (but can have as many as 6) and a livestream mixing desk which allows play back of pre recorded graphics and your own animated videos during the live stream. The crew of 4 with camera kits, mixing desk and broadcast presenter starts at around £3,500.