I am from the indie film making school of self-shooting and editing my own films as well as others! I have also worked with other writers whom I met at various networking and screenwriters events. Below are some of the films and TV Pilots I have worked on!

Secret Love – short film for a 100hr film challenge

Off-Grid TV pilot – Channel 4

Off Grid is a TV pilot made with Dympna Jardine and shot on 2x Sony FS7 cameras

Self righteous Evangelina is trying against all the odds to make her off grid house approved by the powers that be.

BAIT – short film

‘BAIT’ is a film I co wrote and directed as a co-production with Tuula Costelloe, whom I met at The London Screenwriters film.

Logline: Two couples hold a dinner party which goes horribly awry when they play a game of ‘spin the bottle’

We filmed the 15 minute short over the space of 3 days in a flat in Primrose Hill, using 2x cameraman and 2x C300 cameras and a sound man.