In 2020 we edited the European Bank’s Annual Group Meeting using footage from recorded from offices across Europe. The event was to go virtual, like most events affected by Covid 19 in 2020, but we needed to record in multiple languages and play out from a streaming platform that allowed 4 different languages to play back. We also wanted to make the recordings as high end as we could in the circumstances.

Due to Covid restrictions it meant having to film remotely so we put to the test several remote filming techniques. The recordings included presentations and speeches from top dignitaries including HRH Prince Charles, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Nadia Calvino, Vice President of Spain shot remotely using an unmanned cameras.

Footage from Spain was filmed unmanned, using a ‘studio in a box camera’ – the camera was sent to the offices of Nadia Calvino and operated it remotely from the offices in the UK.

Footage from European Bank was filmed with a camera crew outside the Guildhall, London on a Sony FS7. The footage from Prince Charles was shot using a FaceTime camera and notes on a lap top and footage of Rushi Sunak was filmed by No.10 internally.

We took all the footage, added the graphics and put together the film with pre-edited inserts and then converted to 4 languages using translators in a recording booth. The film was played out via a web portal created by Creative Technologies allowing any of the 4x languages, including Russian, French, German to be played for the virtual European audience.

The playout portal, created by CT and enabling viewers to watch in several different languages.