During the pandemic I’ve been looking for the most creative remote filming set ups, that don’t look like just another badly lit zoom interview and use remote filming technology to its maximum potential.

The winner so far is an episode of ‘Life Cinematic’ featuring the director Sofia Coppola in New York and interviewed in real time by Edith Bowman in London. The set up looked like they were both in the same room, with Sofia live streamed to a screen in a studio in London and Edith in the studio conducting the interview. There were the classic ‘over the shoulder’ of the interviewee shot with Sofia on the screen the other side of Edith – just like they were doing a ‘normal’ interview.
It also featured an overhead camera which featured a wide shot of the whole scene and a second screen showing the VT play back.

Images courtesy of Timeline Television

Im many ways the interview looked much the same as ‘normal’ set up, with a bit of added creativity thrown in. In order to achieve this look you would need a simple live stream set up for the US set up, and 3 cameras in the studios in the UK. All achievable at not considerable with a bit of pre planning – for more please contact me – james@jwp.tv

See the full interview here: