Remote filming, by which I mean filming without a crew and sending the footage either live or pre recorded, has provided a great opportunity to shoot interviews and soundbites from anywhere in the world and at the touch of a button.

We now have a set up a studio allowing you to film direct from your phone or computer and stream to our live streaming facilities in the office.

Here’s a few tips as to what we learned using remote interviews, self filmed but with a few creative tips to make your remote filming to make your production look better.

  1. Film your self with the light on your face, not behind you! It’s important not to be in shadow by filming against a lighter back ground – the viewer’s eyes will always be drawn to the lighter areas and that will be distracting if not on your face!
  2. Don’t film with the camera below your chin or you will have double chins!
  3. If you’re using the microphone on your phone or lap top you need to be close and have no back ground noise – we would advise to plug in a lapel mic for better quality.

One of the set ups we really liked over in particular the James Corden Late Late show filmed from his garage offices.

This set up involves 3/4 cameras – all of which can be streaming to an office remotely. But what sets it apart is the set design – again a very achievable feat with the use of some show memorobilia and some neon lights to add a bit of colour to he back ground.