1. The first rule of creating a brand film is – don’t try and sell your brand!

That may surprise, I know, being a brand video producer and suggesting not selling your brand but in these days of self-generated content people want to see authentic genuine content – they don’t want to be sold too or they switch off! The way to promote your brand isn’t through the content, it’s through using your brand’s logo as recognition that you have sponsored the film.

The content can be a story about something, a person, piece of news, information, entertainment, how some thing is made, these are all things people are interested in knowing through your video.

An episode of Red Bull’s very succesful content.

Take Red Bull for example, the highly successful drinks company who are now as much a media brand as they are a drinks company. They started filming extreme sports and stunts (admittedly with their brand stuck somewhere on a helmet or athlete) with the theme of their slogan ‘Gives You Wings’ behind everything they did. There wasn’t a Red Bull can, or a model drinking it in sight. People watch the content because it’s highly entertaining.

2. The second key is to inform your audience.

Starting your video with a company logo followed by a talking head of someone talking in a very flat voice isn’t going to cut it. Try to think of some interesting industry information, and the visual to go with it, to avoid a talking head video only. This will help keep your audience watching I’m till the end – the hook whatever carrot you put before them in the first few seconds.

3. The third key is beguile your audience! You have your target audience, you have your experts in their field, now find the 15 second start point in your video which will draw your audience in and keep them wanting to watch more!

This is something Vloggers do very well and the reason they get so many millions of hits. Below is a clip from a vlog talking about bookstores and titled ‘how to read more’. Not the most enticing title but it starts with a problem – “Book stores drive me crazy” – I don’t know about you but immediately I want to know why. It then turns into a 30 mins video about bookstores in NY and encourages the promotion of bookstores. The creator is generating kudos for his brand and awareness throughout his film.

So how do you apply this to a company brand, a financial report for eg or a company statement?
The key is to keep it short – any details comes in print and for people to read which can be linked too at the bottom of your video. Your video works as a headline or an announcement – and the key is to go for the announcement headline or entertaining clip if you want to get more hits for your footage and keep selling your brand.