Have you ever wanted to do more with your event or live stream but don’t know where to start?

Here I’m going to show you a step by step guide to creating video content with interviews and TV style filming to create a live TV event.

We recently filmed an event in Zurich which we transformed in to a TV style live event which people were able to view and interact with online via Youtube.

We shoot in 2 rooms – one for the presentations and 1 for the live interviews. The main thrust of the show was to talk to the various specialists before and after they went on stage. We then added small ‘segments’ promoting the clients blog and other findings going on in the industry.

The show was present by 2x presenters who introduced each section and animated graphics were used to promote the show.

The result was 4x 1 hr shows which were live streamed and also cut into segments for use on the clients website throughout the day.

For more on this, costs and production requirements please email James james@jwp.tv