Here’s a tip for brands producing video content and who wants it to DO more… try ‘syndicating’ it out!

Other brands need to fill their newsletters, online channels and blog posts with video content and often don’t have the resources to produce original content – so they could use yours instead, or they certainly could add it to content they’re making.

Take for example, a recent newsletter I received from a music library who included a ‘behind the scenes’ YouTube video from TV show Stranger Things (video above). The newsletter was sent to thousands of media producers such as myself and featured the music library’s music, so promoting the library and the TV show, whilst increasing awareness of both.

Above – further content around the film using the stars to do an onscreen Q&A.

So how would you do that with your content I hear you ask? Think of other suppliers, colleagues, sponsors in your business sector and think about how your content could be used by them. It’s likely your content will be valuable to both of you as you work in the same industry.

this could also be especially useful for anyone who has done surgery or reports and has content about those findings – it is interesting to people industry wide so don’t have to keep it to yourself!