From the early days of filming and editing myself to 26 years later and working with larger crews, I have long been an advocate of self-shooting. That is filming and editing an entire video yourself.

As a lot of my work was filming event videos, I could go off to a product launch in Venice lets say and film the launch of a mobile phone and cut it into a 3 minutes highlights video for my pr client who would use the video to promote the event.

However now with slightly more complicated filming including live streaming with a crew of 8 – it is only really possible to film a professional looking job with a crew.

Now my work varies from producing a multi camera productions with 4 camera crew in Zurich to me travelling with a full kit and shooting and editing a promo or events highlights video myself.

There are obvious benefits to shooting yourself – the cost is less and logistics easier – especially if you’re filming an event abroad.

So when do you really need a bigger crew?

I thought about this for a while and whilst it’s always useful to have a sandman and assistant, the first ‘extra’ person I would actually consider would be a creative one. Not a director or a producer but someone else. Nearly all briefs from corporate clients revolve around talking heads – not always the most visually interesting. If you get a creative person on board they can work out how to turn your talking heads videos into a more impressive film.