Live streaming has changed in recent years, largely due to YouTube and Facebook allowing direct streaming this year with no need to set up an independent web streaming portal.  What’s more the quality, especially is very good and you can draw more interest to your event thought the networks. .

The cost of live streaming has inevitably come right down as a result – however in order to create a good looking live stream there are still a number of priorities to consider. Here’s the low down on what I did on a recent trip to Chicago to film a procurement event for a client.

There is an electricity created by live streams – I love the fact it is live and can only be right the first time or not at all. It means everyone has to be that much concentrated and focused what they’re doing and I’m sure this creates a better production than pre recorded, edited footage. There is also the fact that the viewer is watching knowing that he/ she’s getting fresh content right at that moment without any editing, warts and all.

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In the old days we used to have a satellite van, but these days we just needed a fast internet connection at the location –  the job in Chicago was in a modern boutique hotel in the heart of Chicago with the fastest internet speed I had ever come across. As budgets were tight – I wanted to provide this service to my client at relatively small cost by having the most simple set up. All we really wanted was a live feed of the speakers and to switch to another camera creating interviews in a ‘filming room’.

We took the camera kit from London so we could be doubly sure it all worked before hand and we could just plug in and go once we were there.  We had a very simple kit – two camera’s with the correct feeds,  a mixing desk  and a very small Blackmagic video converter box (to take the video feed and encode to internet video language) and our live stream software on a Mac Book Pro.  All of this fitted into one simple bag to minimise travel costs.