I was a bit sceptical about 360 in the past, thinking it was just another fad like 3D (where has that gone?) but when I was asked to make a 360 film I thought I would look at what can be done with the tech and find out if there is a point in making a 360 film, or whether it’s just brands promoting another new technology?

My one other experience of effective 360 video was  wearing the goggles that put you into a real life scene – in this case a Mexican ‘Day of Dead’ parade. There were musicians and people in Day of The Dead costumes all around you coming from all angles, even dancing and people on stilts. It was quite immersive and obviously allowed you to see the scene in a much more real way. Hence the other phrase – Virtual Reality.

When I was approached by a client who asked me to film a fashion show in 360 I had to ask myself what was the best way of using it would be, in order to show it worth as a medium rather than simply a bit of marketing for the client  – this in itself could be a good reason to use it to attract more customers to the website and Youtube, but as a Producer I wanted a creative reason to use it!

That’s when I came  came across the video above.  It’s edited with interviews and cut aways, as if a normal documentary but you are of course able to turn the camera around wherever you like – so kind of giving more information about the environment. Added to this the 360 camera was placed in the middle of the catwalk – giving you the chance to see the models a second time as they turn round and come down the catwalk in the other direction. This technology suddenly became a lot more than a marketing gimmick – it was about a more immersive experience.

I also had the chance to test the best 360 camera on the market – the Insta360 capable of 8k video from 6 cameras – getting footage from all angles. I also tested the GoPro Fusion 360 – which had a much nicer tone and texture to the image.