Back then I was a startup trying to get my business off the ground I read Richard Branson’s ‘Losing My Virginity’! Roll on 15 years and I find myself reading his blog on LinkedIN – apparently with the highest number of followers, talking about a whole load of rather hippy / Buddhist concepts such as mindfulness and ‘being, not doing’. This surprised me for a guy who is still leader of 200 odd businesses – is he not run off his feet, like me!?





Instead we’ve all seen pics of Richard Branson kite surfing on his island – Necker and shots of him hanging out on aeroplane wings with Kate Moss etc how can he have time to just ‘be?’ And what does it even mean!?I went about trying to understand this concept and soon found myself stopping a lot more and thinking rather than simply doing all the time. Sounds obvious doesn’t it – but in the constant world of deadlines and demands from every aspect of freelance life, it was already serving it’s purpose. The calm app – apparently . We are all built around a belief system that doing stuff – whether it’s work, DIY, making an effort with other members of the human race – we are always doing, otherwise we are lazy and won’t get anywhere right!? ‘Be’ is about seeing stuff around you, in a slightly different light. It’s about taking the time to be in this world not running past it all the time. I have already found myself considering what I’m doing more making better choices and losing the stuff in my mind I don’t need.