A client who had taken video footage with their iPhone and wanted to add it to a video asked me if I was ‘worried for my job’ and it got me thinking – am I worried!? And the answer was not just a denial but it also got me thinking if I really was.

The fact is I have used my iPhone 4k camera on several occasions myself and I wouldn’t have got the footage without it. So how do professional video producers compete with the iPhone generation of film makers – and it got me to thinking about a phrase someone once used about ‘adding value’ – a slightly unappealing phrase but nonetheless important to question.

So what exactly is ‘adding value?’

It’s the little tips and tricks – such as shooting with large sensor cameras that give a texture and feel to the image, that take a little more knowledge than shooting with an iPhone and gives your video a more distinctive ‘cinema’ look. It’s about knowing what makes a good sequence in an edit and about how to turn an idea into something that looks great and conveys a message. The skill is to make it look effortless – but if it’s any good it is likely it has taken a lot of experience, know how, development and creativity to make it that way.