Shoot your LIVE event professionally

Live stream via wifi or satellite van

Stream to Facebook LIVE or YouTube LIVE

Live stream your event!

We are now able to Live stream directly from our professional cameras using small encoding boxes which allow a direct feed to Facebook or Youtube. This takes away the hassle previously required. We can stream direct from one camera if needed, or shoot multiple cameras via a mixing desk for bigger productions. With prices starting from £500 for a full service shoot and live stream set up.

Our Live stream experience:

JWP set up the first live stream from London Fashion Week in 2007, using a satellite van and multiple camera set up. We have live streamed from Paris and New York and more recently from Chicago. We live stream anything from live events to one of live interviews.

Package 1 - £750

Shoot direct from 1 professional camera with encoder box attached and stream direct to your Facebook LIVE account.

Price includes:

Professional cameraman and camera with livestreaming encoder attached to camera

Set up live stream encoding to Facebook.

Travel within the M25

Up to 30 mins streaming

Package 2 

Package includes 2x cameramen and a technician/ mixer to mix the 2 cameras live. This is our preferred way of streaming fashion shows.

Tech: 2x HD cameras linked to a mixing desk

Crew: 3 crew inc. 2 x cameramen and a live event technician to mix and produce the broadcast.

- from £1,500*




Package 3

This package includes presenter to help introduce and lead the show during the times little is happening at the event. Typically the feed would go live so we would see the presenter and then cut between them and another camera recording the event and the presenter talking to people behind the scenes (for eg). This package is usually tailored to specific needs of the client.

Tech - 3x cameras with wireless feeds to the mixing desk. Mixing desk and encoder to desired streaming service.

Crew - 1 presenter with broadcast credits. 3 x camera crew. 1 x livestream technician.

Package price: £3,500+

Live stream