James Ward Productions was set up in 1996, with a brief to make a film of the building of the RBS bank in Bishopsgate. The commission lasted 2 years and was shot using one of the first digital - Mini DV cameras, which could be used to compete with the then standard BetaSP cameras at a fraction of the price.

During the first 2 year commission our work caught the interest of PR company of Weber Shandwick, and we filmed and edited internal business films, marketing films and interviews for clients such as Unilever, Siemens, Bols, Microsoft and Nokia.

We have since gone on to produce live streaming of fashion events, documentaries and online content. This has led to long standing relationships with a list of major clients including Swarovski, Investec, Armani, Marks & Spencer, fashion designers and TV producers. We are often being referred to as the ‘in-house’ crew, due to the trust and confidence we build in the quality of our work. We want to provide the best service in town!





He has an implicit understanding of the briefing process and getting to exactly what the client wants; massively eliminating hassle from the creative and project management perspective. He’s also an absolute pleasure to work with...

Tom Whitehouse, Carbon International
Tom Whitehouse, Carbon International MD

I’ve worked with James over the past 8 years across various projects in luxury, fashion and jewellery. James and his team are always a pleasure to work with! James is extremely reliable and delivers fantastic results with speed and creative flair!

Anna Chapman
Anna Chapman Head of PR, Facets PR

James has the ability to engage in the 'storybuilding' - directing, interviewing himself if necessary and making a catchy edit... it's also a pleasure to work with his team, which is really important, both for the client as for the people in front of the camera that need to feel at ease.

Marjolein van Zanten
Marjolein van Zanten Fashion executive Swarovski