Here’s a tip for any brand or marketing department producing video content that doesn’t get as much attention as it should.

There are people out there that could use it too!

That’s right – if you’re producing video content in your particular field or industry you could find other people wanting to use it too. Brands need to fill their newsletters, online channels, blog posts, etc with exclusive content that they don’t have the resources or budget to produce themselves.

So if you’re re-thinking your media strategy because you’re not getting enough hits – try syndicating!

Take for example a recent newsletter I received from a music library who included behind the scenes from a TV show – Stranger Things (pic above). This footage was no doubt intended to sell the film, but can be used for other purposes too – namely the music library, who’s audience would love to see this footage.

The newsletter was sent to thousands of other media producers who use the library – who are more than likely to take an interest in a TV show behind the scenes – because it’s related to their industry.

So how could you get interest from other brands / companies who may want to use your footage? The thing is to remember that everyone is, in effect, a TV channel these days – they all need content to fill their channels – not promotional content – but content that the viewer will take an interest in because it’s in their field, so they’re data base would be naturally interested. And they will be thank full you our company of you have connected them with something that benefits them.

Gone are the days are the days of producing video content for brands that promote the brand and talk about how great they are – it’s now all about exclusive content and events going on around the brand – like behind the scenes at a photo shoot, with insight into how the photographer is doing it for eg, or an event or exclusive insight into a particular topical theme from the experts.

Above – further content around the film using the stars to do an onscreen Q&A. If you would like any more info on this please do get in touch –